Top 10 Facts about the Space

3. Gravity

As given by the statement of Newton “The force by which every object in the universe that has mass attracts every other object”. Now as we notice from the statement we have a few limitations that its effects are only noticeable when large masses are involved. So, for instance, although we feel the strong downward pull of Earth’s gravity. So we can imagine by the fact that what would happen if huge and gigantic masses like Sun and other large stars are involved. The force of Gravity is responsible for the Earth’s and all other Planet’s precise rotation in their orbit. The Black Holes holds humongous amount of gravitational pull. In short we cannot even imagine the forces of attraction present in our vast space.

2. The Life

The entire list of living organisms discover life after a rigorous process, even the simplest bacterium, swarms with molecular mechanism that would be the envy of any nanotechnologist. For the life to begin it requires favorable conditions and moderate temperature. The simplest organism gave birth on earth millions of years ago, the life started from a unicellular organism. Going back to the past ages when all the planets were molten lava among from them our earth somehow got cooled down and generated favorable conditions necessary for the life. The Unicellular cells started to grow which were capable of reproduction and with the passage of time and in order to adapt the changing situations the organism started to develop organs and complex structures in this complex way, simpler organisms evolved and gave birth to the complex organisms.


1. The Universe

The Universe came into existence millions of million years ago, scientists and researchers are still confused to know how this humongous Universe came into existence, even though we are not even sure Big Bang theory. The source of energy, matter and the universe itself is the ultimate mystery which needs to solve. It is filled with secrecies and ambiguities. We don’t know what is out there in space? Do Aliens exist? How many constellations and galaxies are present?  What are their role in this Universe and how they came into existence? From a recent Theory it has been noted that the Universe is still expanding and there a time will come when this expansion stops and Universe starts to contract and eventually mark the end of the world. Some researchers say, its recoil of the Big Bang and some presents their own theories. However it’s still not confirmed when this expansion going to stop and we start the countdown for our end.






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