Top 10 Facts about the Space

The Universe is filled with mysteries, we dont know about  vastness and many of its different dimensions and origins, even we are not yet confirmed about what happened 2 billion years ago that lead to the formation of our solar system and how life came to origin. We placed a list for our viewers regarding the most interesting facts about our space we live in.

10. Hypervelocity Stars

Stars in the space move with the hyper velocity generally of very high order of 1000 kilometers per second, they move due to the enormous gravitational forces of the black holes. The existence of such stars which tend to travel with a speed of the 1000th order was proposed in the year 1988.   . Computer models pointed out that hypervelocity stars should be a natural effect of binary stars coming close to the super massive black hole known to subsist at the heart of our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Among these the two most freshly revealed hypervelocity stars are both short lived types, they were approximately four times more colossal and heavier than the Sun. One of them lied in the route of constellation Ursa Major and was listed as SDSS J091301.0+305120. The star was travelling out of the galaxy at a velocity of 556 kilometer per second and is recently observed at a distance of 240,000 light years from our planet “The Earth”. The second one was identified travelling in the direction of the constellation Cancer and was listed by the name SDSS J091759.5+672238. It was travelling at an approximated speed of 639 kilometers per second and is recently observed 180,000 light years away from our planet.    


9. Black Holes

Black Holes are the entities of the space that have the greatest gravitational force the region of space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing can escape through its field. Even the Light is attracted by its gravitational pull, since nothing can travel faster than light, nothing can escape from inside a black hole. On the other hand, a black hole exerts the same force on something far away from it as any other object of the same mass would. For example, if our Sun was magically crushed until it was about 1 mile in size, it would become a black hole and the Earth would still remain in its same orbit. This illustrates a simple comparison, for the gravitational pull of a Black Hole.


8. Magnetars

A neutron star or Magnetars are space objects with a extremely sturdy magnetic field, of the order of 1011 tesla,  about a thousand trillion times stronger than Earth’s, 100 to 1,000 times stronger than the field of a radio pulsar (the normal observed form of neutron star), and perhaps stronger than any other magnetic field in the universe. Such an object would be off-limits to humans: because a magnetar acts as a gigantic electromagnetic generator, a person in a spacecraft floating nearby would feel 100 trillion volts between his head and feet.


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