Top 10 Common Medical Myths

3. Back Pain (Back pain should be treated with bed


3Patients suffering from back pain are often asked to get strict bed rest for better recovery but it does the exact opposite, either prevents full recovery or delays it considerably. Like true for all illnesses, the sooner you get up and indulge yourself in regular activities, the sooner you recover. There are thirty nine independent studies affirming the above that bed rest does more harm than good.



2. Turkey Sleep (Eating turkey makes you sleepy):

2Thanksgiving is not complete without a turkey dinner and turkey causes you to sleep-as per this very common myth. Not true! The ingredient that is said to have this effect is called tryptophan; it is not only found in turkey but other meats too like chicken and beef and is present in almost similar quantities. Cheese and pork have it in greater quantities. It is just true for any other meal taken in a large quantity during the day time that will reduce blood flow to the head and causes drowsiness- not just turkey!



1. Midnight Snacks (Eating at night makes you fat):

1Snacks at night or snacks in the morning have an equal effect on the body! Higher calories make you fat, low calories do the opposite. As long as you intake and burn the right amount of calories each day, you fill stay fit and dont gain weight. The three meals a day regime is the best as it puts you in proper routine and makes your working more effective.


Bonus: Weight Gain or Loss (it is harder to lose weight

than gain it):

It is not the process but the math that gets your head spinning the fact into a myth. It is harder to gain than to lose if you talk about it numerically; 0.3 pounds of weight is gained if 3500 calories are taken in excess, but 1pound is lost if you burn 3500 calories more than you take in. However, this entire process is subjected to change in temperature and diet patterns.


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