This Life-Saving Syringe Is Able To Temporarily Treat Gunshot Wounds In Just 15 Seconds

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The life-saving sponge syringe that was unveiled some months ago is now equips ambulances in the United States. The pocketable syringe was cleared last year for use on the battlefield and was recently approved by the FDA for civilian use too. In an aim to stop bleeding, sponges are injected into the wound. These can later be removed safely once the victim has arrived at the hospital.

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Developed by RevMedx out of Wilsonville, Oregon, the device called the XStat Rapid Homeostasis System looks like a large syringe that is filled with small, tablet-like sponges that expands once it is inside a wound. According to MedGadget, the cellulose sponges are coated with a homeostasis agent that grows rapidly to fill the hole. In less than 15 seconds, the sponge tablets absorb blood pumping into the area to allow clotting to begin. This then allows the emergency responders to have enough time transport the victim to a hospital to resolve the issue.

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Measuring 9.8 millimetres wide and four millimetres tall, each sponge is able to absorb 3 millimetres of blood or bodily fluid. Each applicator is provided with 92 sponges giving the XStat the power to absorb roughly 300 millimetres of fluid from one victim. To ensure that all sponges are cleared from the body when the medical staff is operating on the injured person, the XStat sponges feature a radiopaque marker which can be detected under an X-ray.


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Nearly 50% of combat deaths are cause from the excessive and rapid loss of blood, and the U.S. Army Medical Department says half of these could likely have been prevented if timely care was available. The life-saving device can be used on adults and adolescents suffering from lead poisoning, a result of bullet wounds.

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