This LEGO KFC Chicken Vending Machine Should Be A Necessity For All College Dorms

lego kfc chicken machine 2

Being a college or university student is just not easy. In that case, the dorm life and studies need to be treated very specially. Here we are not just talking about laptops, supplements and a clean environment but also snacks. I don’t know where some students would be without snacks and that’s why this Lego KFC-dispensing vending machine should be an essential device for colleges and universities all across the world. It would be a lifesaver for those moments when we find it too busy to join the line in the cafeteria.

lego kfc chicken machine 1

As explained by its creator behind the Youtube channel, AstonishingStudios,  the machine made from tons of Lego bricks is a chicken dispenser. It is able to accept coins, reject coins, and dispense chicken from KFC. In addition to the Lego bricks that make up its structure, the machine also has a light sensor, an intelligence brick, and a motor. The chicken is loaded into the machine through its hood.

lego kfc chicken machine 3

In the the video, Euro coins are used to demonstrate the coin mechanism. The chicken costs 1.50 Euro, therefore you will have to insert a 2 Euro coin to get a chicken. If a 50 cents coin is inserted through the coin door, it will be rejected and fall back into the basin below. When the 2 Euro coin is accepted, you will receive a 50 cents coin as change in another coin slot that is to the left of the machine and your chicken will be dispensed. As for the dispenser, when a 2 Euro coin is inserted and it breaks the laser sensor, the intelligence brick will react, causing the motors to go into action and move to have the chicken rotated to the opening and fall through.

lego kfc chicken machine 5

You can visit the AstonishingStudios channel on Youtube for more cool machines like this.


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