This Creative Business Card Is Incorporated With A Technology That Detects Your Heart Rate

heart rate card

Lately, business cards have become more than just a simple piece of paper with your company logo, name, contact number, email address and work address on it. A Hungarian company’s card creation is showing just the amount of creativity that a card can possess and this extremely fun one might just be every cardiologist’s ideal business card.


giphy card

The cool business card by MobilECG uses only LED and a discrete optical sensor to detect and show the pulse rate of the person using it. On the card, there are two touch pads that are used for measuring the currents generated by the person’s pulse. The replaceable singe button cell battery of the card guarantees around one hour of continuous use, and while not in use it goes into standby mode which doesn’t use any power. While the card may serve more easier to carry around unlike complicated fitness trackers and smartphones, the makers warn that it is not accurate enough to serve as a diagnostic device.


The product is still in the stages of being developed but MobilECG inventors was able to release that they expect to sell their invention for around US$30 when production begins. Some of us business people or people in the medical industry in particular would say that this is a high price to pay for a business card, but nothing can replace a unique card that is remarkable and a miniature example of creative technology and engineering.

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