The Winning Photos Of The 3rd Annual International Drone Photography Contest Are Just Breathtaking

drone photo 3

Category: Sports/ Adventure – 1st Prize Winner

Moab Rock Climbing by Maxseigal

The co-founder of Dronestagram, Guillaume Jarret, shared the process judges followed to selecting the winners in an interview with International Business Times. He started by explaining the basic requirements a photo must have in order to be considered and given recognition.

“A good drone photo is a picture that you immediately identify as a drone photo,” he said. “It is taken at a low altitude, near the target of the picture, and you must see on the picture that it is impossible it has been taken with another device than a drone. Drones can capture images in places that are impossible to reach with another flying device.”

drone photo 4

Category: Nature/ Wildlife – 2nd Prize Winner 

Swarm of sheep by Szabolcs Ignacz

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