The Winning Photos Of The 3rd Annual International Drone Photography Contest Are Just Breathtaking

drone photo 5

Category: Travel – 2nd Prize Winner

Cable Beach by Todd Kennedy

The awe-inspiring photos that were selected displayed included an image of a a chain of camels’ shadows on the sand, an image of clouds settling in the sky like waves and the cool serpentine curve left by a single snowboarder into a mountain. With the drone technology, we as humans are able to view the world from an impossible angle. It also replaces the satellite lines etched on Google Maps with technicolor digital snapshots. The ability to experience a bird’s eye view, just looking down on Earth, is a moment that viewers and even photographers themselves are all grateful for. It makes us feel like for a moment, we could fly.

drone photo 6

Category: Sports/ Adventure – 2nd Prize Winner

Complejo Acuático Norte de Santander by losmanesdeldrone

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