These 10 Bakery Fails Will Make You ROFL!

When placing an order to companies to have a service done for us, we have to ensure that we are very clear when explaining our request. The problem with doing this via emails or phone calls is that we are not able to do this face-to-face with the receptionist where it actually allows them to reach out to ensure that they get a full understanding because it is more convenient.

One of the many services that a lot of us fall victims to having incorrect service done is the bakery. When ordering a custom-made cake, there are a lot of instructions to be given. We have to state the flavor that we want the cake to be, the colors that we want to be used, the style and state if we want any miscellaneous such as sprinkles, toppers or a message to be on it. Unfortunately, some of the instructions that we provide can fall as blunders where the bakers take the instructions too literally. One of the craziest I’ve seen is a picture of a customer’s thumb drive that stored pictures that they wanted to be used being placed on it the cake instead of the pictures stored on the thumb drive! (see this at #5)

Check out this list of unbelievable cake fails that were shared on the internet. I can assure you that these photos will definitely make you a lot more precise when giving instructions the next time you place an order at a bakery.


1. Is it possible that the person that this cake was being made for loved 11 o’clk and pictures of cakes?

cake fail 1


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