Have Your Clothes Washed By Dirt Sucking Robot Fishes In A Tank

Imagine a washing machine that does not require you to use detergent which makes your most sensitive clothes look old after a period of time, or even use electricity. A Korean designer named Chan Yeop Jeong has came up with a new concept for washing machines called Pecera, that uses robot fishes with built-in cameras to identify dirt particles in clothes and suck them up.

“Pecera is a collection of robot fish called Dofi, cleaning your clothes in a water tank without detergent,” designer Chan Yeop Jeong said.

He says that the Pecera concept was inspired by the popular fish pedicure craze that allows fishes to eat the dead skin off your feet.

“This sustainable way of washing clothes is inspired by doctor fish who nurture human skin, except these busy fishes run on hydroelectric power and clean garments. Washing without detergent makes this washing method suitable for the most sensitive and creates no need for multiple washing circles using water.” he added.

The cleaning of the clothes is carried out using suction motion as the robot fishes swim against the dirty area.

‘I thought about a washing machine design that is user-friendly and sustainable by washing the clothes clean without any detergent use. If it is used not only in one home but also all around the society, there will be less contamination of nature caused by detergent and people will be able to maintain water quality.” he explained.


The concept washing machine is one of 100 out of more than 1,700 submissions that have been selected by experts from the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition to compete for participation in the next stage. This year’s theme for the competition is Creating Healthy Homes with three focus areas: culinary enjoyment, fabric care and air purification.

“We are excited to open up the voting to the public and our employees around the world,” Lars Erikson, the Head of Group Design at Electrolux said.

“We received some really innovative, visually inspiring concepts based on this year’s theme. They range from appliances to smart accessories to holistic concepts, and support consumers in living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.”

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