The HTC One X

Excitement is building surrounding the impending release of the HTC One X which you will be able to get from Built with a quad core processor, many are hoping that the One X lives up to all the hype it is currently receiving. It’s no secret that HTC has been floundering in the wake of Apple and Android; the company’s profits have continued to steadily drop. HTC hopes that the release of their new flagship phone will help to stimulate growth in sales.

The HTC One X will feature the latest version of the Android Operating System, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The design of the HTC One X will continue HTC’s trend towards sleeker looking phones.

The screen of the HTC One X is rather large. Measuring in at 4.7 inches, this is one of the largest mobile phones out there. While the length of the phone may be long, the depth is very slim; measuring just 8.9 mm. The One X utilizes the Super IPS LCD 2 technology, which makes playing games and watching movies on the phone very life-like. The pixels within the display are quite dense too, which makes the screen quite sharp; worthy of competing against the iPhone 4S.

The overall look of The HTC One X is rather minimalist. It does come with some keys on the front of the device. The phone also comes with a volume switch on the right side. The top is where the power button is located. The HTC One X also has a jack for 3.5 mm headphones. The left side of the phone features a microUSB slot. This slot may also be used as a mobile high-definition link. TVs can easily be hooked up to the phone. The overall storage of The HTC One X is 32 GB, which may not be enough for some people who prefer 64 GB.

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