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Start Your Day With A Smile With The Smile Clock App

smile clock 2

While it may be the last thing that you’d feel like doing when you get up in the morning, smiling after being buzzed awake by a ring is compulsory with this app. The Smile Clock, requires of you to grin at your smartphone’s camera in order to stop the clock from making noise.

smile clock 1

To determine if you are happy enough, the camera tracks key features of your face. It even tries to attract a genuine smile from you by doing things such as showing pre-selected images and playing songs designed to make someone’s day. The Israel-based developers of the app, Appfro, shares that the app will save a picture of you smiling in a photo gallery as a reminder.

smile clock 3

Just in case you don’t feel like smiling, there is a snooze feature. The app is available for download on Google Play for free.

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