Springboard Crashes: Diagnosis and Solutions

Apple iPhone is a marvelous geeky product. Jailbreaking the iPhone is getting common as it endorses many benefits to users. Although Jailbreaking voids the iPhone warranty, still its benefits outweigh its limitations.

After Jailbreaking the most annoying thing is springboard crashes. They rarely happen but still they can happen. There can be many reasons behind crashing springboards. Some of the possible reasons and their solutions are described below.

  • One of the reasons can be incompatibility of any installed app with iOS version. Always see the description of app before installing it if it is compatible with your version of iOS or not. Try to solve the problem by removing such apps.
  • Another reason can be incompatibility of app with other apps installed in the iPhone. Some apps do not work with other apps and give rise to problems. Delete any recent app you have installed.
  • Updating any app can also cause compatibility issues and leads to springboard crashes. In such instances, delete the updated app.
  • Do not install apps from any suspicious repository. Apps from mistrusted source can cause springboard problems.

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