Security Application for iPhone 4

IPhone, designed and manufactured by Apple, is on of the most favorite handset now days. With its superb compatibility factor it supports more than 200,000 applications. Although, Apple kept amazing security in iPhone 4, but, still it needs a best security application too. To overcome this issue, a special Security application is designed that captures photo of other peoples who uses your phone. Moreover, the captured photo is send to your email id.

Here is the simple process to protect your phone using security application:


  • Go to main menu, run the application and select the background application. It will replace the status bar with new real time status bar that shows time, battery status and internet connectivity with navigation of working correctly.
  • Select an appropriate place in directory to save image and enter your desired email.
  • Enable ‘capture on application quite’ from app’s toolbar.

Process completed. That is all you need to protect your iPhone with this application.

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