Save Money, Space & Water With This Hand-Powered Dish Washer

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It can be quite tedious to wash dishes by hand, and dish washers, they suck up so much power for each round that your electricity bill depends on if you use it or not. A mid-way between these two is a small dishwasher the is powered by human kinetic energy and can fit in the smallest of spaces. Designed by an aspiring engineer from Israel, the new and compact machine is called the Circo Independent.


A study discovered an estimation which shares that 75% of the global population will live in urban areas by 2050. This may mean great opportunities, but also an enormous challenge to ensure that energy and space is distributed efficiently and equitable for the people that will call the urban region their home. Chen Levin, the founder and developer of the Independent dishwasher, hopes to meet the demands of a dense urban future.

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The Circo Independent dishwasher will come in just handy for those folks who will have a problem with finding space and even those who can’t afford to get a traditional dishwasher for their home. It will serve the needs of people who are not connected to the electrical grid or water system. The machine is powered by human kinetic energy as there is a small hand crank that must be moved to circulate the water and detergent inside.
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The Circo Independent was invented as part of Levin’s final project for his degree in industrial and sustainable design. The current version of the machine is a prototype which can only wash a few dishes at a time, however, he plans to develop the machine to be able to adapt for larger loads.

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