Get This Cool Home Elevator Installed In Your House With No Sweat About Space

lifestyle home elevator 1

While adding an elevator to your home would be handy for many homes, it’s not exactly something that homeowners would see as practical. This is because they are huge, loud and way too expensive for the pockets of homeowners with average pays. This new Lifestyle Home Elevator is the total opposite of this and is perfect for your home. The shaft-less, single-person elevator made by Terry Lifts, will only take up a small corner space of your house.

lifestyle home elevator 2

All you will need to be ready to install the elevator is a small corner of space on each level of the house and holes in the floor between different. In no time, your home will look like a superhero headquarters giving you a functional lift from floor to floor.

Using a glass-paneled car, the Lifestyle Home Elevator runs up and down a pair of rails stationed flush against the wall. The car obscures the hydraulic mechanism from sight, ensuring that it won’t create an eyesore in any part of the house. While the elevator is sized to fit one person at a time, two people that could fit in the elevator together at once will still work since the machine can handle weights of up to 550 pounds. Since there’s no shaft, it integrates sensors at the top and bottom that will automatically shut down and descent as soon as it touches a surface.

lifestyle home elevator 3

The features included with the Lifestyle Home Elevator are built-in lighting in the cabin, a security mechanism that will prevent it from moving unless the door is closed, and an onboard battery that allows it to be used despite a power failure. The Lifestyle Home Elevator is available on the Terry Lifts website.

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