Replacing the carrier logo on iPhone

Apple iPhone allows its users to customize the display as they want. Usually users don’t want the carrier logo on iPhone. Instead they want to have logo of their own choice or any other version of apple logo. The following steps will guide you to replace the carrier logo on iPhone:


  • Press enter and you will see the message

Waiting for phone…established.

iPhone state: activated

  • Now type “help” to get help


  • On the prompt, type the following commands. Don’t forget to press enter key after each command

  • Now, in terminal window, type the following commands

  • Open the new terminal window and enter the following command

  • The following message will appear

Waiting for phone… established.

iPhone state: Activated

  • Type “help” to get help


  • Type the following commands on prompt

  • As we have removed the services.plist, we will upload a new copy. To accomplish this type:

  • To put the changes into effect, restart the iPhone by holding together the Sleep/Wake and Home keys. Hold the keys till the visibility of Apple logo.

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