People are Using WiFi Names To Tell Off Their Neighbours

According to new research, more people these days are using their WiFi names to send pretty hilarious (passive-aggressive) messages to their neighbours with semi-anonymity. People are using their WiFi names to convey their polite or sometimes insulting messages to their neighbours.

Here are some of top messages from one neighbourhood.

  • “Stop Stealing My Paper!” and the culprit replies: “FYI, I Don’t Read It I Just Throw It Away!”
  • “You’re music is annoying!” followed with, “Your grammar is more annoying!”
  • “Shut The Barking Dog Up No 7”
  • “Stop slamming the door!!!”
  • “Stop wearing heels!”
  • “Shut up”
  • “Stop running”
  • “Stop shouting!”
  • “FBI surveillance van”
  • “Virus.exe”
  • “Trojan Virus Infection File”
  • “We Can See You Having Sex”

Although this is not the most mature approach, this is one way to tell your neighbors what you really think or want to say to them without confrontation.

Have you ever conveyed your messages in such a way? If so do tell us in the comment box below.

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