Parents Show The “Sad” Moment Of Sending Their Kids Off To School After Summer

As harsh as it sounds, there are a handful of parents that will react with thrills to hearing “back to school.” Simply because it means no longer having the kids running around the house, giving trouble. While parents always seem to be thrilled, we can’t say that the kids share that same feeling. It may seem harsh, but only a parent will know the hardship that comes with having the children at home for the summer.

As soon as the back to school horn was blown, enthusiastic parents took to celebrating no longer having to take care of the kids. To perfectly capture the “sad” moment, these mom and dads posed beside their kids who are obviously upset about the fact that their summer holiday is over and their parents are quite happy about it just before they are sent off on the school bus. Hey, I mean, it could be that these parents are just happy to see their babies go off to school again.

Check out these photos that mom and dads have shared on the internet of the “sad” moment when they had to send their children back to school.


1. The highest jump for the highest moment any parent could have.

back to school 2

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