New Interactive Guide Sheds More Light On The Dangers Of Giving Your Dog Certain Foods

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We always hear people say that food like chocolate is bad for dogs, but why? A leading consumer news and reviews website, ConsumerAffairs, partnered with Dr. Lee to explain what occurs when dogs consume 10 of the most common foods they are supposed to stay away from with an interactive guide. This includes chocolate, avocado, mold and even fertilizer.

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“Approximately 47 percent of U.S. households are home to at least one dog, and that includes a lot of us here at ConsumerAffairs,” a Marketing Manager for the company shared. “And like a lot of dog owners, nearly 100 percent of us know the headache and heartache we experience when our furry pals get into something they shouldn’t.”

“The web is great for a lot of things, but finding vet-verified information about your dog’s health isn’t one of them, so we wanted to create an easy to use tool that walked consumers through what happens to their pet when they eat 10 of the most commonly worried about foods, what symptoms to watch for, and what to do. As one of the most trusted and reputable vets in the U.S., we knew having Dr. Lee as a partner on this project would give users peace of mind that the information they were getting was accurate.”

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Being a double board-certified emergency critical care specialist and toxicologist, founder of VETgirl and celebrity veterinarian, Dr. Justine Lee, is the perfect person to create a visual aid to help dog owners take better care of their pooches. The manager from ConsumerAffairs said that Dr. Lee partnered with them because of their reputation for being a “trusted consumer resource with nearly 8 million unique visitors a month.”

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To operate the interactive guide all you have to do is to click on the toxin, whether avocado, bread dough, grapes, coffee, garlic, chewing gun, macadamia nuts, fertilizer or moldy food, and a video will play for you to click through to see why the item makes dogs sick, the symptoms of poisoning, and what you should do to react. The tool can be checked out on the ConsumerAffairs website.

If you ever suspect your dog to have ingested something poisonous, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control line immediately.

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