New Chairs Offer Free Reign To Modify Them With Removable Sheets Of Plastic

layer 1

Now you can change the design of your chair as often as you change your mood with a new invention by South Korean industrial designers Sohyun Yun. The innovative seat called Layer is made from a clear acrylic and its entire structure is transparent. The clever structure of the chair makes it completely customizable like a blank canvas as there is an empty space in its back and base. Printed layers, coloured acrylics, and even materials such as wood or glass, can be inserted in the three layered sections.

layer 4

You will never get tired of looking at the same chair furniture as you can tailor this one to suit your desire. When the time comes for you to change the chair to suit the design scheme of your other furniture or you simply just want a new look, all you will have to do is to slide in new sheets of plastic. Thanks to its three layer structure, exciting visual combinations can be made as colours and textures can be overlapped. The chairs are also perfect for special events or holidays as they can become a festive part of your decor.

layer 5

The idea for Layer was incited by the fact that people would buy things based on trends and then discard them once they are finished with them or something new has come along. Yun shares that this type of seating is adaptable to current taste, ensuring that you have a long-lasting piece of furniture that can be update with a few modifications.

layer 3

layer 6

layer 2

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