Multi-Monitor Gaming For A Change

Have you ever thought of gaming with more than one monitor? There was once a time where only two monitors could be used at the same time when hooked up to one computer. This was done mainly for work purposes rather than gaming. Nowadays, multi-monitors can be used for gaming as graphics cards have been significantly improved.

Multi-monitor gaming is beneficial in the sense that you are able to see more of your gaming environment as it is extended on extra monitors hooked to your computer. Being able to see your enemy located to the far right of you with an extra monitor proves that you have more advantage as a gamer, compared to not being able to see them when using just one monitor at play. You can also use extra monitors to allow multi-tasking while you’re gaming, such as checking Facebook. Another benefit is you can browse game guide websites, such as GameFAQs and Just Push Start while you play your favourite game. In addition, imagine being able to watch a movie while checking out some other stuff on your extra monitors.

As the price for LCD monitors has decreased over the past few years, more people are now able to afford multi-monitor gaming setups. Below is a list of some of the coolest multi-monitor gaming setups. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to try it out yourself.


1. Check out this wallpaper that extends on three monitors

multimonitor wallpaper


2. Isn’t this fairly attractive?

multimonitor desktop


3. This gaming setup seems to be tidy.

multimonitor tidy


4. What about six monitors? Looks crazy.

multimonitor 6-screen


5. Check out this cool see-through table that fits all of the hardware components of the computer. Anyone notice the side monitors are vertically flipped?

multimonitor built-in computer desk


6. If six monitors weren’t enough for you, check out this nine monitor gaming setup.

multimonitor 9-screen


7. Another attractive multi monitor setup.

multimonitor attractive


8. Now this is a room I would want to have.

multimonitor gaming


9. Three monitors for gaming on Dota 2

Of course, to be able to run your game on multiple monitors, you are going to need a good graphics card that will support multiple monitors. So how do you go about selecting the best one? Well, depending on how many monitors you would like to use, you can choose from Nvidia graphics cards or AMD graphics cards. A high-end Nvidia graphics card will allow you to hook up three monitors to game with. On the other hand, a high-end AMD graphics card will allow you to use up to six monitors for gaming. However, take note that 3D gaming with AMD’s six monitor support was compromised. In contrast, Nvidia was only able to keep a max of three monitors to support 3D gaming with its graphics card.

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