Meet the World’s Biggest Dinosaur





About this Titan

Based on the ashes surrounding the fossils, scientist were able to determine their approximate age. It seems, this Patagotitan was around 100 million years old. This amazing creature measured around 122 feet long and 20 feet high at the shoulder alone. In addition to this, researchers estimate that the dinosaur weighted more than a space shuttle.

As it’s physical features suggest, the Patagotitan was a plant eating animal (herbivore). However, due to their impressive size , they did not have much to fear when it came to meat-eating predators like the T-Rex. Despite all of this, the Patagotitan is not considered an animal to fear. Scientist explain that it must have been a slow moving animal who would probably have to put a lot of effort into running or even getting up.

Researchers point out that the reason these dinosaur got to be so big was due to the emergence ofr large plants and forests. For this reason, it was only natural for the titanosaurs to get even bigger. Today, remains of this legendary creature can be found on display at the American Museum of Natural History.


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