Meet These Deep Sea Creatures

Admit it, we are all terrified of something. It could be a snake, spider, a cockroach, name it.But what if we tell you that there are deep sea creatures that are way creepier than these? No need to panic.

These creatures live in the deep sea. Even deep enough for you to make it possible to have a close interaction with them. Now let’s take a look at these scary but interesting deep sea creatures .  Who knows you ‘might’ meet them soon!



Deep Sea Angler Fish

Deep Sea Angler Fish or Melanocetus Johnsoni is probably one of the creepiest creatures in the deep sea. It uses its illuminated lure to hunt its prey. But only a female angler fish has this though. The male relies on the female for food. Angler fish is known to be near the top of the food chain so it’s mostly a predator instead of prey. It feeds on not only the small sea creatures but also those who are even  bigger than it.


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Deep Sea Hatchet Fish

Imagine deep diving and you see these cute creatures staring at you . What will you do ? You’ll probably swim for your life . Oh literally. But don’t fret. They are usually found within 600 to 4500 feet below depending on their size and type. So deep but even with a minimal of light, they’re still able to hunt their preys, Thanks to those huge eyes –  they can detect even a small amount of shadow and see their preys even if they’re coming from anywhere.

They usually don’t live that long though – their average lifespan is less than a year


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Black Dragon Fish

Also known as  Idiacanthus atlanticus – black dragon fish  is a  strange looking creature with huge teeth. It’s found for more than  6,000 ft below the ocean. Females are identified to be black with stripes and grow for about 40 cm while males are brown and grow for only about 5cm. When threatened/disturbed, all photophores  on its body lights up.


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This strange looking yet cute jelly like fish that inhabits the waters off of the coasts of Mainland Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand  lives in a condition that humans can’t survive in. They live in very deep waters but their design make them adaptable to it. They make look like a character in a horror movie or perhaps a science fiction but they are actually harmless. Well, maybe because they don’t have teeth to begin with.

Blob fish was voted as the world’s ugliest animal .Poor little guy 🙁 But we think otherwise though!

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Yeti Crab

At first look you may think of it as a spider but this is actually a crab.

Yeti crab or Kiwa hirsuta was discovered in 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean. What’s unique about this creature is that it actually grows its own food through its hair.

Just think of it as a garden – except that bacteria grow in it and not plants. Still, they’re food for this cute looking creature.

Amazing isn’t it? Wondering if that will be the same for hairy humans?

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