How To Troubleshoot Apple Mails

Checking mails on your Apple device or a Macintosh with its detailed structured fun to use interface can be a great experience but some users have reported problems with it as well. They have reported having troubles with different features in Apple’s mail system.

At first it may appear as one of the toughest tasks of getting the troubleshooting job done with it but with time and proper insight knowledge of things need to be done in a proper manner people will truly see that things work out accordingly and troubleshooting may come by as one of the easiest tasks.

Those that are starting up with troubleshooting their mails can make use of the following apps that come along with Apple but can be downloaded as well. Among these apps the ones that are really helpful are,

Activity Window:

Activity window will allow the user to get a sneak peek at the processes that are being carried on when the user hits the send button and the other processes that are carried along with it.

Apple Connection Doctor:

Apple connection doctor can be used to see the status of the things that are involved in getting the mail transferred. The connection doctor will run a detailed diagnosis on the elements that are taking part in the mails transfer.

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