How to speed up your Mouse and Mac?

Mac is one of the most advanced operating systems developed by Apple. In Mac, the basic system information such as mouse speed, keyboard settings, and network settings, etc. are stored in PRAM or parameter RAM. All this system information is really important to ensure the proper working of Mac.

Zapping or resetting the PRAM is very important otherwise your Mac could have dead battery which will disturb its various functions like it can make your mouse and Mac sluggish. So replacing the battery is necessary, but along with this, resetting or zapping the PRAM is equally necessary to ensure quick and proper functioning of Mac.

You need to reset some parameters of PRAM after you have replaced the battery. These parameters include startup disk, date and time, network or AppleTalk, mouse & keyboard, Auto on/off, monitors & sounds.

Mouse & keyboard parameter is the one that especially needs to be reset if you want to speed up your mouse and Mac. Change the settings of mouse tracking and double click speed up to your preferences or how fast you want your mouse to be. Similarly change the delay and repeat settings of keyboard. Changing these mouse and keyboard settings will improve the speed of mouse and Mac to a considerable extent.

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