How To Solve Trouble With Applications in iPhone

Well if you are facing troubles with the applications that you have installed in your iPhone than there is no other cure than to get it uninstalled and reinstalled. This process is quite simple and every iPhone user can easily get this done with.

The only task that the user will have to perform is to get the applications located that are having issues,

  • Go to the application that is having the issue
  • Tap on the application and hold on for a few before the icons start shaking
  • Locate the cross icon on top of the application and tap on it
  • You will get prompted with a dialog box that will give you two options “Delete” and “Cancel”
  • Click on delete and once done reinstall it from the Appstore
  • The other way is to connect your device with Mac or Pc and back up the applications that are installed on it.
  • Remove the application and once done, reinstall it from the backup from your phone.
  • This can be the best process to get the backup installed on your phone.

Through this way you will be able to get the application that was previously having issues to be up and running again in a proper way.

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