How to Disable the AutoCorrect Feature of iPhone?

Apple iPhone is equipped with a lot of features which are supposed for user’s convenience. An example of such feature is autocorrect feature. This feature ensures that the user types the correct language without making any error. This feature is quite useful for formal messages and emails. But at times users do informal messages typing their native informal language. The autocorrect features irritates the users in that instance and users want to disable it.  It can be disabled by MacOSXHints.

The process to disable the autocorrect feature of iPhone is relatively simple. As the autocorrect feature works on the base of language selected, therefore it is automatically turned off when we disable the keyboard of English language. To turn off the autocorrect feature of any language, follow the given process.

  • On home screen, click settings. Click general and then select keyboard. Click on international keyboards. This is the place where you can pick an alternate keyboard
  • After selecting the alternate keyboard, turn it on. After this, turn off the slider of the keyboard for which you want to disable the autocorrect feature.

You can also enable multiple keyboards and while typing you can switch between them by pressing the globe icon which is located to the left side of space key.

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