How to Create a Wireless Printer in Mac

Many PC users find wireless printers too convenient, that’s why they want to have it. Same is the case with Mac users. It is worthy to mention that it is possible to create a wireless printer in Mac and there are number of ways to do it. Preferably what you should do is:

  • Buy the Apple’s AirPort Express Base Station and add it to the wireless network.
  • Connect your printer to the base station through USB port of base station.
  • Open the System Preferences. Go to Print & Fax.
  • Sometimes the attached printers appear in the list of available printers, but if it is not, then click the plus button which is located at the end of list of available printers.
  • Now an add printer window will open. Select the default tab. The window will show the attached printer in the list.
  • Click the Add button.

Besides this procedure the other alternative is to purchase a Mac compatible wireless printer.

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