Holographic Video Chatting Now A Reality

Say hello to the future that we all have been dreaming about. The holographic technology is a reality now. An acrylic, cylindrical pod performs the job of 3D video conferencing. Its more or less like 3D Skype video calling. The pod consists of many cameras which take different pictures of you from different angles and then make your 3D model. This is then transmitted to the other person with you on the video call. The device on other side works the same way by receiving those images and making their 3D model.

Researchers at Queen’s University have made this pod come to reality. The same type of concept is also being used in Bodipod (a project in which the different layers of tissues of human bodies are peeled to reveal the anatomy). The pods are made using translucent acrylic cylinder, a convex mirror and a 3D projector along with kinetics to observe real-time movement.

Check out the video to see the performance of this holographic imaging


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