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Airplayer allows you to play video at Mac from iPhone or iPad

If you want to play a video on Mac from your iPad or iPhone, you can do it with the use of Airplayer. You will also need to have AirPlay which is one of the cool features of iOS 4.2 that allows streaming music and video from your Mac or iOS hardware to an Apple TV or AirPlay speakers. You can stream AirPlay video from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac as well. For this you need iOS 4.2 and a Mac with Bonjour enabled, and there is no need of jailbreak. This is very easy and simple to use and here is the guide to play a video at your Mac from iPhone or iPad with the use of Airplayer

  • First you will download and launch AirPlayer onto the Mac and then you will go to AirPlay from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Here you will find your Mac on the list of screens; you can export the video from here which you want to run. All of these settings are made by bonjour service, which acts as an Apple TV on the Mac, so that your iOS hardware can locate it. Now it is all set to play video.

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