Get Your Nail Art Printed On In Seconds With This Kiosk Called Fingernails2Go

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It would usually take around 20 minutes to an hour to get nail art painted on two hands. While this may not be so bad for some people, to others, being unable to have access to their hands for that much long is not exactly worth their time. This kiosk called Fingernails2Go will be able to cut down that application time to just a few minutes.

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Developed by Tensator Technology Center, the nail booth automatically paints any design that you have chosen, directly on your nails. The long time that is usually required to sit and get your nail art done is then removed. You also won’t have to worry about the quality being sacrificed for the added convenience as its technology is similar to that used for manually-applied nail art.

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The Fingernails2Go booth features an upright cabinet with an onboard display that should be used for selecting the nail art image and a designated slot for inserting your hand. The work of applying the actual image is done with an integrated HP thermal inkjet printer that uses a specially-formulated ink that meets the health standards of both the FDA and the EU.

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The entire process of getting your nails done isn’t however completed after the kiosk applies the art though as it will always have an employee on hand to prep and add a finish to your nails, so the process isn’t entirely automated and unsupervised. Before getting the nail art applied, the attendant will add a base coat and a primer to protect your nails and to ensure that the image adheres properly. After printing, the same attendant will apply a topcoat of clear varnish to your nail, in order to protect the printed image. To entice you, the actual printing of the nail art only takes one second per hand. It is the applying of the primer and the finishing process that stretches the procedure to a few minutes.

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The Fingernails2Go kiosk doesn’t only limit you to applying nail art on your actual fingers only as you can use it to print artificial nail art that you would like to take home and apply for yourself.

Pricing on the Fingernails2Go is set at £1.50 for a single fingernail, £10 for all 10 fingernails, and £12.50 for a set of ten artificial nails.

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