Get Wine To Taste As Awesome As Wine Stored For 20 Years, In 20 Minutes!

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Rare bottles of wines stored in French chateaus for decades are bought for hundreds of dollars by wine connoisseurs, but the supermarket plonk will suffice for most people. Recently, it was announced that there is a new gadget that is able to offer age acceleration for wines, using high frequency sound waves. The new device called “The Sonic Decanter” is shaped like a slim bottle tray suitable for holding one bottle, and uses ultrasound to alter the compounds in the bargain bottle of wine in just 20 minutes.

The Seattle, Washington-based makers explain that the high frequency sound waves improve flavour by breaking down preservatives, softening tannins, and releasing aromas that are not usually found in young wine, to make it taste smoother and more intense.

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Usually it takes many years for the ageing process of the wines to occur as the molecules change from interacting with each other. The ultrasound forces of the unveiled device cause these reactions to happen faster, as the wine’s properties and taste changes.

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The firm writes on it’s Kickstarter page: “When used on wine, the [ultrasound] Sonic Decanter promotes further extraction of flavours, aromas and mouth feel from interactions among phenolics and anthocyanins (types of additives and pigments) and which results in smoother more integrated mouth feel and a smooth, flavourful lingering finish.”

The device is also said to allow a more complete molecular change as there is a more energetic reaction between the molecules. In the process, natural gases such as oxygen and sulphur dioxide are expelled from the bottle to give it a longer shelf life.

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In addition to the buttons on the device, Bluetooth connection and a smartphone app are provided for the user to operate the gadget, so that they can alter the duration of the process with a timer for their preference, and choose the colour wine that is to be processed.

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While Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah can take up to 20 minutes, the Sonic Decanter will ‘age’ a rose, Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay for half that time, to release extra flavours.

The Sonic Decanter is expected to hit the market in June of next year. It is however available to pre-order on Kickstarter for $129 (£82).


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