Get iCloud Credential Prompt Screen on without Developer Account

As we already knew, that Apple released new iOS 5 Beta. It includes an amazing feature iCloud for user’s convenience.  ICloud application is an online data storage application that let you free from sync trouble. It is, in actual, a part of Apple effort to bring all the things online. A developer account is required to use it that is difficult to own for ordinary customers. Here we brought an amazing solution to access its login screen without developer account.


  • Open your web browser and go to Website will be open.
  • Click right button of your mouse on empty space of site.
  • Choose ‘Inspect Element’. Inspect element window will be appear.
  • Now, click on ‘Console’ and past following code in it:


  • Press Enter.
  • Login page will be appeared.

Setup completed. That is all what you need to do. It will redirect you to the main dashboard if you followed the process carefully.

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