Exporting iPad and iPhone UI elements from Photoshop

If you want to take out UI elements of iPhone and iPad from Photoshop, you can do it easily. This gives pixel perfect apps and websites for users, but it takes little bit of time saving images to multiple scales. It looks bit odd but you can export iPad, iPhone and other elements from Photoshop. There are different methods which are used to export from Photoshop.

  • You can use copy merged function in Photoshop to export, select specific element and choose edit, then copy merged. Now go to file and select new, paste the element and it is a new document with your selected item, save it.
  • You can export layers to files as well, choose file and then scripts. Now you can export layers to files and each layer of your document will be saved as a separate file with a filename that matches the layer name.
  • Slices tool also allows you to export images from Photoshop, but it has some limitations. You can make one set of slices for one document.
  • Layer based slices can be used when UI element consist on one layer and you want to export image in small size.

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