7 Everyday Use Inventions of the Second World War



Jeep All Terrain

All terrain Jeeps were created due to the necessity of the American soldier to keep on with their German enemies. They needed a vehicle that was fast but that could also hold many soldiers and run over any type of terrain without much hassle. The Jeep was a perfect answer to that.



Duct Tape

Duct Tape has solved many issues in our everyday lives. This very useful tape was developed to help soldiers repair all kinds of military equipment. The tape came in handy in the extreme conditions of war due to its flexibility and resistance to heat/water.




On the year 1940, Motorola developed the Handie-Talkie SCR536. Needless to say, the walkie-talkie became a staple of the Second World War. To this day, walkie-talkies are essential for many coordination activities, including military ones.

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