End up an Application on the iPhone / iPod Touch by Force

It happens sometimes when you are using a number of applications on your iphone it get stuck which irritates the users. But every problem has a solution so for this problem too. The trick is very simple to terminate all the applications by force. Here we have shared this trick for the iPhone 3GS users and it definitely works on other versions as well so try it.

Force Quitting for iPhone3GS users

  1. when your smart phone gets halt first thing to do is to hold the sleep button for about 10 seconds
  2. A red “slide power off slide” will appear but keep in mind don’t swipe it otherwise your phone will turn off.
  3. Leave the button at the top and hold the Home button instead
  4. You will see all the applications stuck will disappear and the main menu screen will appear.


After applying this trick you might notice that the speed of the iphone is slower because of the memory usage and issues so reboot it to restore it in its normal speed. This trick is very simple and effective so do tell your friends about it.

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