Dreamy Cafe Shaped Like One Giant Camera

A former pilot – Park Sung-Hwang imagined this beautiful place to drink coffee. It has the aspect of an old camera, and it was dedicated for his wife – she was also an army helicopter pilot, now retired, that enjoyed drinking coffee and living in the country side. This was his present for her and for their daughter – that is 8 years old. They live there together along with their dog.

The owner says that he opened this coffee shop because his wife liked this style of living, and he imagined the coffee shop as a Rolleiflex Camera. Because of this, now they have around 50 cameras, all vintage, that are shown in the coffee shop.

He also admitted that he planned this coffee shop for more than 6 years. They both wanted to have a very colorful coffee shop and they knew from the start how their coffee shop should look like.  Now, their dream came alive in July 2013.

The coffee shop has some round windows, surrounded by glass cases that encompass different kind of vintage cameras. Also, on the walls there are lots of photos from the time the coffee shop was made and also of different customers that liked the building so much, that they wanted to keep a picture of them in front of the camera-building.

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Source – Buzzfeed

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