Cryoscope The Weather Forecaster

So finally you tend not to read any news for weather or look at your phones or tablets to check the temperature for tomorrow, as Cryoscope got the solution of your problems. So all what happens is that Cryoscope actually modifies its surface temperature accordingly to the temperature which will be tomorrow.

Your Cryoscope is at room temperature and when you touch its uper surface you feel it as normal as the room temperature is, so when the Cryoscope consists of a aluminium cube and update its weather information from internet a Peltier element present with in it with a big heat sink and a cooling fan adjust its temperature accordingly to the temperature which will be outside tomorrow. So by simply putting your hand over the Cryoscope you can feel what it would be like tomorrow, whether it is chilling cold or wicked hot tomorrow. Its the new way of forecasting weather since you need not to see those numeric figures told by weather forecasters. Its just you feel how it would be tomorrow, you can actually help yourself in suiting your outfit according to what it will be in the coming day.


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