Confectionery & Shoes Combined To Create Audaciously Sweet Kicks

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A footwear company has combined confectionery and  shoes, two things most women love, to create what I would call some very sweet treats for the feet. Designed to look like cakes and treats, each pair of shoes is hand made to order and you can even create your own design!

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As the creators build the shoes to look as realistic as possible, they would fool you into thinking that you could reach down and take them off your feet and eat them. The shoes are a great work of art in themselves and because of this you might be tempted not to wear for fear of spoiling them.

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The idea to create these unique yummy off the shelf shoes for women came into perspective in April 2013 when the Shoe Bakery was established. When you visit their website, you can check out their online store that will display the different categories for shoes such as the cake collection, the ice cream collection, baby cakes collection, and the arm candy collection which is comprised of handbags designed as sweet treats.

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The different shoe designs from Shoe Bakery are perfect for occasions such as your special wedding day, going to the beach, and even your birthday party. Creator and designer of the shoes, Chris Campbell share that the cool idea to design confectionery-inspired shoes came from the fact that he loves shoes and confectionery. It was then a natural thing for him to combine the two to create unique kicks.

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The limited edition shoes have prices varying between $80 and $400. Check out more of the yummy shoes designed by Shoe Bakery below.

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