Check Out These 10 Ridiculously Bad DIY Repairs

When things get broken, the most logical thing we will do next is to try to find out what can be used as a substitute until we are able to replace them. Some people have faced this problem and tried the “DIY” by fixing things in the most uncharacteristic and unbelievable ways. Some people clearly got it all wrong. Check out some of the craziest DIY repairs below.


flashlight headlights

This car owner found that it was easier to replace his car headlights with flashlights.



It can feel like the pressure is really on when you notice that your refrigerator is busted, especially if it happens during the hot climate. Well, this person found the perfect solution to his refrigerator problems, attaching an a/c unit. Pretty smart, ain’t it?



This person replaced their broken car door handle with a door knob, which at least adds a classy touch.


storage bin for a sink

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this picture would be, “Is that a storage bin with pipes?”. The next thing would be, “How in the world did this person get to knock off their sink?”. They surely found a way to solve that problem.


sponge wiper blade

This person replaced their car wiper blade with a sponge. At least the car owner will not have to clean the windshield.


can shower head

Why buy a new shower head when you can make your own?…with a Natty Lite can and some duct tape of course.


fork door handle

It’s a cool thing when you can use one thing to do many things. Here, this fork has a full-time job serving as a door handle, but comes in handy during fast food runs.


fire extinguisher

A bottle of water to replace a fire extinguisher, such experts.


landing wheel

I thought cars could not fly! This car owner is using a plane’s landing gear as his car wheel.


clock surgery

This person performed re-constructive surgery on the face of a broken wall clock by drawing back the numbers and the marks that were broken off, on plain paper.

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