Cheap iPhone Without Contract For $350 will be available? – wait

Unbelievable news! You might get cheap iPhone device without making any contract with only $350. That seems impossible but may be this happens.

Move back to 2007 when iPhone was introduced by Apple and Company gave AT&T the rights to sell original iPhone. Three years AT&T fully enjoyed. They sold huge amount of iPhone that their network was not able to manage bundles of iPhone. Issues regarding low signal strength, call dropping and network problem started. People started making complains. iPhone users started iPhone unlock solutions on their iPhone devices that allowed people to use carrier of their choices.

Few months ago, Apple gave CDMA iPhone with Verizon Wireless that finished AT&T iPhone exclusivity. Now Apple Company has started to sell officially unlocked iPhone 4 GSM for USA users with the cost of $649.

So what about cheap iPhone price $350? Well it seems just logical as there are many Android devices in market that are available with this price point. Giving cheap iPhone will only help Company for overall sales.

Another statement has come from any solid source, Apple will be releasing lower cheap cost or prepaid iPhone in this year. It is also said that Apple is designing iPhone for next generation that will be available at the end of August or mid of September 2011. Apple will be enhancing features with 1080p full HD camera module that will be capable of recording too on iPhone 5.

Let’s see what happens in coming months. Just wait for new releases.

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