Bullet Time is Real: Perception of Time Inversely Proportional to the Rate of Metabolism

What if someone tells you that you can experience the wold in slow motion? And you don’t even have to be Neo or live in the Matrix.


Recently, some researchers at Dublin’s Trinity College have found out that acuity of time is more subjective than we think. It is an individualistic approach rather than a collective consciousness.

For instance different creatures in the world experiences time differently than we do. The fly, with its minute body and speedy metabolism perceives time as moving much slower than we do. On the other hand, there are larger animals, especially those with metabolisms that are naturally slow. The three-toed sloth, for instance, might see us all as incredibly fast blurs of motion.

What amazes me the most is that by altering our metabolic rates through exercise and eating habits, we can actually push ourselves to perceive reality differently. For example athletes take in more visual data in the zone than the average person does in the same time frame. Efficiently, they slow down the world around them in order to pull off the perfect hit. So we might not be able to dodge bullets just yet, but we can truly slow down the world around us.


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