Blocking Popup and Alerts on iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple products are really sophisticated and are well-known for their excellent performance. The wise features of iPhone or iPod touch can be further enhanced by different applications.

Popup and alerts are meant for the convenience of users. However, sometimes alerts and popup have very irritating effect. So users are continually looking for ways to block or disable the popup and alerts. The solution lies in Popup Blocker which is a really nice application that can fairly solve the problem.

After installation to iPhone or iPod, it can be accessed from Stock Setting Application. It allows the user to enable or disable all kinds of popup or alerts on iPhone or iPod touch. For example it allows the users to enable or disable applications, blocks items, turns off or wake on alerts and also allows users to set the alerts. Users can enable or disable the alerts for following popups.

  • SMS
  • Low Battery
  • Calendar
  • Accessory
  • Voicemail
  • Call Failure
  • Network Lost
  • App Deletion
  • App Store Ratings
  • Location Requests
  • Low Disk Space

The popup blocker is not freeware. However, it is very economically priced and makes a really good deal.

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