Amazon Reveals Q4 Earnings Beating Market Expectations

Being one of the biggest online retail firms in the world, Amazon’s announcements about its performance each quarter grab the attention of markets worldwide. This infographic was provided by CFD trading experts City Index to show how Amazon performed in the previous quarter, and the underlying results look pretty good for them.

Gross profit margins for Q4 rose by 24%, slightly higher than the 22% first anticipated by the markets. This helped to see shares in Amazon rise in value by a whopping 9% on opening after their announcement at $284 per share, even though revenue forecasts weren’t met.

Earnings for Amazon stood at $21.27bn, rising by 22% year on year, which by most firms’ standards is impressive. This comes on the back of increasing demand for some of their more expensive products such as the range of Kindle e-readers including the Kindle Fire, which is entering the competitive tablet PC market.

RealityPod - Amazon Earnings infographic

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