10 People Who Clearly Don’t Care About Your Rules

There are rules and standards set almost everywhere we go. We see them on public walls, on the lawn at the park, as we walk on sidewalks, and even in bathrooms. There are some rules that we truly need, but there are just some that we just really have to question. This includes the rule in the bathroom, on the paper towel dispenser that says you have to pull the towel with your two hands; and the rule that says you shouldn’t step on the grass.

Some of us aren’t afraid to break loose from the chains of these ridiculous rules and we dare to stand right by the rule sign and do exactly what we told not to. They show how much they aren’t afraid to rebel against these absurd standards. Check out this list of photos that these rebel have shared on the internet of their moment when they just had enough of silly rules.


1. A stapler from inventory was taken around the world by employees

rebel moment 1

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