8 Awesome Tricks & Tips Featured In Apple’s iOS 8

Apple subscribers will want to get the most out of the recently announced Apple iOS 8 with its new features. Many of the biggest changes highlighted are subtle, but there are also cool features that are hidden in the OS. Check out these 8 cool tips and tricks that are featured in iOS 8 below.


1.  Camera Selfie Timer

ios 8 trick 1

The camera app allows you to take great selfie photos with its timer which you can set to 3 or 10 seconds. It can also be used in Burst mode which takes 10 photos very quickly, to grant you the choice of choosing your preferred shot.


2. Touch ID Apps

ios 8 trick 2

This security modification is not only now used for unlocking the headset but also with apps such as Amazon, iPassword and Evernote. In order to activate this, you must go into the settings of the respective app and then enable Touch ID.


3. Notifications Widget

ios 8 trick 3

This lenient adjustment enables your apps to have widgets in the notifications tab. In order to enable this you must swipe down the notifications region, tap “Today”, then scroll down, and finally tap edit.


4. Save Battery Life with Grayscale

ios 8 trick 4

You can save battery life by turning of the colorful display, making it grayscale. You can do this by going into Settings – General – Accessibility and then choosing grayscale in the section where it says “Vision”.


5. Hide Photos

ios 8 trick 5

If you have photos that you would rather no one else seeing, you can hide them by just tapping down on the picture and then tap hide photo. Hidden photos are automatically deleted after 30 days of being hidden.


6. Scan Your Credit Card

ios 8 trick 6

If you need to input your credit card number while shopping on the Safari web browser, you will now have the option to make your phone automatically add the information by  just scanning the credit card with the camera.


7. Health App with Medical ID feature

ios 8 trick 7

The iOS 8 comes with a Health App that has a Medical ID feature for filling in all your personal health information such as allergies, past medical conditions, and your blood type.


8. A faster access to Siri

ios 8 trick 8

You are now able to make Siri more accessible by just saying “Hey Siri”. In order to activate this you must go into Settings – General – Siri and then turn on the option to say “Hey Siri”.

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