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5 Of The Most Luxurious & Relaxing Theatres Around The World

Some cinemas are made very comfy with seats that may only be found in the most luxurious of places. Guests are then able to pay a little extra to occupy the seats. While the cinemas will be able to provide their customers with the best comfort, they also have to compromise  between this and the amount of people they can accommodate into the screen hall. There are however other cinemas that have thrown compromising out the window to go completely with making the space comfortable. Check out these five cinemas from around the world that aim to make their movie-goers comfortable.


1. TGV, Malaysia


This Beanieplex Theatre at Malaysia’s TGV Cinema had its traditional folding seats replaced with two-person beanbag chairs to allow viewers at the theatre to watch movies while slouching.


2. Electric Cinema, England

electric cinema

This cinema called the Electric Cinema in England offers a variety of seating options including armchairs, sofas, and beds.


3. Blitx Megaplex, Indonesia

blitz megaplex

Furnished with sofa beds called ‘velvet seatings’, the Blitz Megaplex in Jakarta, Indonesia, is immensely popular for couples as there are also convenient tables for holding treats so that they can share a delicious snack and film while relaxing together.


4. Paragon Cineplex, London

paragon cineplex 1

Movie-goers at this theatre are provided with a complimentary glass of alcohol, appetizers, a single free serving of popcorn, and staff to bring you your food.


5. Olympia, Paris

In bed with Ikea

The Olympia in Paris was once transformed into a giant bedroom with many beds for one night, for the needs of Swedish company Ikea who presented “In bed with Ikea”.

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