4-Month-Old Baby Is Transformed Into This Christmas’ Elf On The Shelf By His Dad

elf baby 1

After creating the ‘Wil Can Fly’ series, photographer Alan Lawrence has done another creative collection to celebrate the holidays with his 4-month-old-son, Rockwell. While other parents would have went with buying their kids an Elf on the Shelf, this dad decided that he would make his own using his son. That is how Rockwell the elf was born.

elf baby 11

“We have never had an Elf on the Shelf in our home but the idea has always intrigued me. Parents letting elves in their homes to watch their kids and cause mischief,” Lawrence explained to BuzzFeed. “Then one day someone told us that Rockwell looked like an elf and the idea came to me. What if a real life elf came to live with us for the holidays and how would I react in real life to having it show up to live with us?”

elf baby 8

By dressing Rockwell in an elf suit, Lawrence had an absolutely adorable elf to answer his question. In the sweet series of photos, the baby can be seen in a bright red costume that is completed with a pointy hat, playfully causing mischief all over the house. For each photo, Lawrence shares a story that adds to the fun nature of the series, which he is hoping to continue every day until Christmas.

elf baby 3

“We love sharing our family’s story,” says Lawrence. “I just feel blessed to be a dad and want the world to know how fun it can be when you don’t take life so serious.”

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elf baby 10

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