30 Old PC Ads That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you wonder how computers have progressed over the years? Well, these ads will not only give you a jest of it, but will literally blow your mind. I am thankful that I am born in recent times 😉  Here are 30 Old PC ads that will make you laugh and possibly appreciate what you have today.

10MB Drive for $ 3398.00
Today you can get a 1TB drive for $ 85.00
1TB is about 100,000 times larger than 10MB

This is an early Laptop, with 64K of memory
Today laptops have 2 to 4 Gig of memory
4GB is about 64,000 times larger than 64K

Here are two disk systems, 80MB for $ 12K and 300MB for $ 20K
Today you can get a DVD that holds 4Gig for $ .75 each
A 4GB DVD is about 14 times larger than a 300MB Disk

Here is a 16K RAM Memory Card, $ 495.00
Today you can get 4GB RAM for $ 99.00
4GB Ram is about 256,000 times larger than 16K

This is an early modem, delivering 4800 BPS
Modems today deliver 56K
56K is about 12 times faster

This early PC is offering dual floppy drives and 128K of RAM
Today PC’s have between 2 to 4 GB RAM
4GB RAM is about 32,000 times larger than 128K

Yes this was my first video game system. Yes those are the joy sticks.
Todays game systems are far more advances in graphics, controlers, etc.

Here is another early laptop, this one can expand up to 640KB RAM
Today laptops have 2 to 4 Gig of memory
4GB is about 6,000 times larger than 640KB

Checkout this Amiga, promoting the quality of graphics it can produce.

Apple does it again, 5Mhz with 1MB RAM
Today PCs are 3Ghz with 4GB RAM
3Ghz is 600 times faster and 4GB RAM is 4000 times larger than 1MB RAM

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